Gender Discrimination

California and Federal laws prohibit discrimination based on gender. At the end of the day, it does not matter who the perpetrator is –if you are being discriminated against because of your gender, it is illegal. If you feel like you have been placed in such a position, you should consult a gender discrimination attorney at Falakassa Law, P.C.

Why is gender discrimination becoming more expansive in its definition?

Gender discrimination takes into consideration the gender identity of a person. Despite the biological differences, people prefer to be associated with the gender they identify with the most. This exacerbates the room for exploitation, maltreatment and discrimination. Thus, employment laws and regulations have been expanded to prevent discrimination based on gender.

What are a few examples of gender discrimination?

  • Differences in tasks: you may notice that your job description may be different than that of the opposite sex, despite having the same post.
  • Unequal pay: women are often paid significantly lower salaries for the same job as men.
  • Limited opportunities for promotion: at points, you may notice that you are not being given opportunities to advance in your career at a specific company.
  • Stricter dress codes: you are being discriminated against if you have a stricter, radically different, dress code than that of the opposite sex.
  • Different types of interview: more often than not, women’s interviews will have radically different questions that revolve around their limitations, like having a child.

If you have gone through such experiences, you may be a victim of gender discrimination. You should consult a gender discrimination attorney at Falakassa Law, P.C.

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