Minimum Wage Violations

Under California law, minimum wage is the lowest level of hourly, weekly or monthly pay that is legally required to be paid to employees. Every state and sometimes county has its own minimum wage laws. Currently the minimum wage in California for labor performed from during 2018 was $11 per hour, and the minimum wage for labor performed from January 1, 2019 to the present is $12 per hour.

Employers are legally bound to pay their workers that amount or more than that, otherwise they can be held liable for unpaid wages, penalties and attorneys’ fees and costs. Minimum wage violations are very common across California, as employers try every trick in the book to save money.

Employers often fail to pay minimum wage by failing to pay you for all hours worked, for time spent wearing and removing uniforms (unpaid time), failing to reimburse necessary business expenses, and misclassifying employees as exempt, amongst other ways. Further, employers often engage in unlawful pay-roll practices, including rounding hours worked, miscalculating hours worked and rates of pay. This is done in order to avoid the payment of minimum and wages to the workers so that they get the extra work done but also save up on the costs. Don’t allow employers to get away with these illegal practices.

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