Racial Discrimination

Despite the fact that Federal and California law protects employees from discrimination based on color, race, ethnicity, nationality and ancestry, discrimination in the workplace remains an issue in modern society.

What constitutes as racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination is when an employer terminates, demotes or fails to promote you or provide job benefits on the basis of your race.

What are some examples of racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination could include things like:

  • If your employer does not give you, and other people of color, access to opportunities for promotion based on your ethnicity. You may find yourself, and many others like you, at the entry level jobs despite having worked for the corporation for many years.
  • If you, as a person of color, are made fun off, ridiculed, insulted or mistreated/
  • If you find that you are not given the same amount of income as others employed at the same post as you.
  • If your manager tells racist jokes, promotes stereotypes or is offensive in any way towards different ethnicities.

Where does the law stand in regards to racial discrimination?

The Fair Employment and Housing Act strictly prohibits discrimination based on race. Racial discrimination is prohibited both in the hiring/firing process, pay and other benefits employment. An employee must show that an “adverse employment action” was taken against him/her and that race was a substantial motivating factor

Employers who discriminate based on race allows for punitive damages, in addition to front pay, attorneys’ fees and costs and other compensation.

How to put a stop to discrimination?

You should report any instances of racial discrimination to your Human Resources Department in writing. Preserve all evidence of any discrimination or inappropriate behavior.

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