Unpaid Overtime

Under California law, if an employee works more than 8 hours in a work day or 40 hours in a week, he/she is entitled to be compensated at one and a half times the regular rate of pay. When an employee works in excess of 12 hours in a day, the employer must pay double the regular rate of pay. Employers must also pay double the regular rate for all hours worked in excess of 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of work in a week.

Nonetheless, greedy employers, in an effort to save money, often fail to pay employees the additional amount for the overtime hours worked in violation of the California Labor Code. Employers avoid paying overtime by, amongst other things,

  1. Failing to recording the overtime hours worked.
  2. Miscalculating the regular rate and overtime rate of pay.
  3. Time shaving/Rounding
  4. Misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime.

If you believe you are not being paid all overtime wages for all hours worked, it is advised that you preserve all evidence related to your overtime hours worked and contact an unpaid overtime attorney at Falakassa Law, P.C.

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