Harassment/Hostile Work Environment

Under California and Federal Law, any workplace that is the host of disturbances which distracts the employees, reduces their ability to focus, carry out tasks or pose a threat to their health is considered to be hostile in nature. Not only should employees not have to work under such conditions as a matter of policy, they are legally protected from having to endure a hostile work environment.

What does hostility entail?

Your work environment will be considered “hostile” if the following things occur:

  • You face discrimination

If you are being treated drastically different than all other employees on the basis of your sex, race, ethnicity or age, etc. then you are working in a hostile environment. Being targeted through slurs, inappropriate gestures or offensive actions is enough for you to file a lawsuit.

  • You face harassment

Actions like the passing around of explicit photos, stalking, inappropriate touching or conversations, or obsessive behavior provide valid grounds for a lawsuit.

  • You find that your life is in constant danger

If you are constantly exposed to dangers to your health and safety, you are working in a hostile environment.

  • If the circumstances don’t seem to improve

Your hostile workplace is persistent in nature and do not improve despite your complaints.

How should you deal with a hostile workplace?

If you are facing problems because of fellow employees, managers, supervisors, the first step is to report any issues with harassment in writing to your employer and ask that changes be made. If no action is taken and the disturbances continue to escalate, then you should contact a harassment lawyer at Falakassa Law, P.C.

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